07 Feb 2023

Importance of Advanced Supply Chain Analytics for Seamless Operations

As businesses globally have access to huge amounts of data, it is a great challenge to study that data to get insights that can help planners plan better. Supply chain analytics can help with that.

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Supply chains globally need to be hyperactive to adapt to the rapidly changing market trends. Companies today have access to a huge amount of data that is generated by their supply chain network. The challenge is using this data to make their supply chain more resilient and efficient. Most companies cannot analyze their entire database and hence cannot harness that data to improve their business operations. Additionally, most of these companies’ data is unstructured and dark. Companies need to find ways to analyze dark data; this is where advanced supply chain analytics can help. In a recent Gartner survey, supply chain executives rate advanced analytics as the second most important emerging technology. This blog post will discuss supply chain analytics and how it can help companies enhance their supply chains’ efficiency.

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What is Supply Chain Analytics?

Supply chain analytics includes the use of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to analyze and optimize various aspects of a supply chain operation. Its goal is to gain insights into supply chain performance. The use of analytics in supply chain management can help organizations make data-driven decisions, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction by providing insights into various aspects of the supply chain, such as demand forecasting, inventory management, transportation, and supplier performance. The insights provided by analytics enhance organizations' decision-making processes, resulting in optimized supply chain processes and ultimately leading to increased profitability and competitive advantage.

Advanced supply chain analytics can:

  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Detect potential risks and issues
  • Track and measure the success of various initiatives

What Is the Importance of Supply Chain Analytics?

  1. Identifying Forthcoming Trends

    Advanced analytics give insights into future demand & market trends by analyzing various data sources, such as past sales, production, shipping, and financial data. This analysis helps companies to make data-driven decisions and anticipate changes in the market, customer demand, and supply chain operations.

    For example, analyzing customer demand patterns can help companies predict future sales trends and adjust their production and shipping schedules accordingly. Similarly, monitoring changes in the cost of raw materials and shipping can help companies to make informed decisions about pricing and supplier management.

  2. Deliver a Hyper-Personalized Experience

    Supply chain analytics provides deeper insights and delivers a hyper-personalized experience by leveraging data and advanced analytics techniques to understand supply chain operations and customer behavior comprehensively.

    Supply chain analytics can provide a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences by analyzing data from multiple sources, such as customer purchase history, shipping data, and production data. This information can be used to personalize the customer experience, for example, by tailoring product offerings and marketing messages to individual customers.

    Additionally, supply chain analytics can provide insights into the entire supply chain, including supplier performance, production processes, and delivery times, allowing companies to optimize these processes and improve the customer experience. By analyzing delivery data, companies can identify bottlenecks in the supply chain and make changes to improve delivery times and increase customer satisfaction.

  3. Better Decision-Making

    Advanced supply chain analytics can improve decision-making by providing data-driven insights into supply chain operations and customer behavior. By leveraging data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques, companies can comprehensively understand their supply chain and customer needs.

    For example, supply chain analytics can help companies to:

    • Optimize inventory management: By analyzing demand and supply data, companies can make informed decisions about the optimal inventory level to hold, reducing the risk of overstocking or stockouts.
    • Improve supplier management: By analyzing supplier performance data, companies can identify top-performing suppliers and allocate more resources to those relationships, leading to improved supplier performance and reduced costs.
    • Enhance production processes: By analyzing production data, companies can identify bottlenecks in the production process and make improvements to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
    • Improve delivery times: By analyzing shipping data, companies can identify bottlenecks in the delivery process and make improvements to increase speed and reduce delivery times.

How Does Supply Chain Analytics Add Value to Your Business?

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Supply chain analytics helps assess and mitigate risk in the supply chain by leveraging data and advanced analytics techniques to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. Companies can understand the risk factors affecting their supply chain by analyzing data from sources, such as supplier performance data, shipping data, and market trends. It enables companies to monitor supplier risks, assess market risks and manage delivery risks ensuring that the supply chain runs smoothly and efficiently. Supply chain risk management is an important task for seamless operations, and for effective risk management, advanced analytics is the key. Analytics provides end-to-end visibility of the entire network, making it easier to identify and mitigate risks and disruptions.

Enhanced Supply chain visibility

Supply chain analytics can enhance supply chain visibility by providing a comprehensive view of supply chain operations and customer behavior. Companies can gain a complete and accurate supply chain picture by analyzing data from multiple sources. Enhanced supply chain visibility can help companies to improve decision-making, minimize the risk of unexpected disruptions, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Accurate Demand & Supply Planning

The accuracy of demand and supply planning in a supply chain greatly depends on the accuracy of the forecasted demand. Advanced supply chain analytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze vast historical data while considering real-time factors such as weather, market trends, and promotional activities to ensure maximum accuracy of the demand prediction. This helps the planners in accurate demand & Supply planning, inventory planning, and capacity planning to optimize their supply chain and avoid demand latency.

Increased revenue and profitability

Advanced supply chain analytics helps optimize the entire supply chain network, which helps keep operational costs low and maximize profitability. When planners have accurate data analysis, they can optimize each node of the supply chain network to avoid disruptions such as stockouts. Also, it enables planners to keep their inventory at an optimum level, so there are no stock obsolescence risks. It also helps optimize logistics and warehouse space, which minimizes transportation costs and warehousing costs resulting in increased revenue.

Final Word

Rapidly changing market trends and customer demands require companies to adapt proactively to those changes, which requires accurate supply chain planning and analytics.  3SC is a leading data analytics services provider that can assist businesses in optimizing their supply chain network by leveraging data and advanced analytics techniques such as predictive analytics that harness the power of technologies such as AI/ML to predict future demand patterns and identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. SCAI is a comprehensive SaaS offering from 3SC that helps businesses with accurate supply chain planning, real-time risk assessment and mitigation, adhering to sustainability compliances, and structured database management.

3SC SCAI enables businesses to make informed decisions leading to cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and a more resilient supply chain.

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