Risk Management and Digital Twin - Risk AI

AI-Based Risk Management platform, enabling businesses to proactively plan risk assessment and mitigation.

Managing Risks Through Digital Intelligence

3SC’s Risk AI is an AI/ML-based risk assessment tool that continuously monitors the different nodes of the supply chain to identify, detect, and diagnose risks. It helps businesses understand the factors driving disruptions, and uses digital intelligence to correct and mitigate the risks.

Stay on course for your ROI goals with early risk anticipation & automated resolution for supply chain threats.

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Improved end-to-end visibility

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Less cost-to-serve

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Drop in supply chain risks

Capabilities of 3SC SCAI Risk AI

The first step in mitigating vulnerabilities in a supply chain is to identify them. Risk AI establishes a risk profile and actively monitors it. It helps identify risks and opportunities by assessing different supply chain nodes, including plants, warehouses, suppliers and transportation.

Risk AI helps understand the impact of a risk event on your business. It diagnoses the underlying factors that are responsible for the risks, which is a critical factor in mitigating the risks that may severely impact your supply chain.

3SC’s Risk AI simplifies scenario analysis through continuous monitoring of key indicators such as intracompany inflation rate, global energy price index and currency, and develops an agile decision-making process.

Risk AI helps develop both preventive and reactive action plans that provide the basis for addressing potential risks and disruptions through appropriate measures without delay.

Risk AI provides granular visibility across the entire supply chain network, enhancing the planning process's flexibility across time horizons.

This tool allows collaboration between teams to enable agile and aligned outcome-based decision-making through ML-based scenario simulation.

Risk AI automates the resolution of common issues in the supply chain, leaving the planners free to focus on other strategic issues resulting in enhanced productivity of the planners.

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