Supply AI

3SC Supply AI is an intelligent supply chain solution that enables enterprises to plan their supply requirements using advanced optimization methods that ensure that supply teams can fulfill the demand forecast and fight demand latency over a specific period. ...Read more

To maintain a balance between demand and supply, your business needs intelligent planning solutions that optimize every aspect of your supply.

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Less excess inventory

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Improved Manufacturing Schedule Adherence

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Increase in Supplier Performance

Capabilities of 3SC SCAI Supply AI

Order and supply pegging help you manage your production timelines by analyzing the future demand trends for your products. This helps ensure enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced inventory stockouts, a more effective production schedule, and reduced product obsolescence costs.

Material requirement planning enables efficient inventory management to realize maximum manufacturing efficiency. It creates the framework for driving replenishments based on the segmentation of an item and the supply chain design. It can benefit production planning, purchase planning, work scheduling, and resource management.

Supply AI can effectively manage order backlog that helps reschedule open orders based on intelligent rule-based simulations. It is capable of prioritizing orders from the entire order backlog. It allocates supply to ensure that scarce items are distributed fairly to maximize the revenue of the orders that are shipped within a fiscal period. It also helps in reducing the supplier lead time as well as the reduction in failure during testing.

Supply AI helps set optimal inventory goals that guarantee maximum profits and ensure the best customer service levels. It gives inventory target recommendations for planners that offer better inventory accuracy, reduced costs, and reduced risks of overselling. It also helps avoid stockouts and overstocking while maintaining better terms with suppliers and vendor

The rough-cut capacity planning allows the planners to get a hawk-eye view of the production plan for a more extended period enabling them to evaluate any gaps present and ensure that the capacity available is enough to fulfill the forecasted demand.

A gamified workflow enables increased participation and motivation of team members, which in turn enhances productivity in the work environment. It helps increase each team member's accountability while maintaining enhanced identification and commitment between teams.

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