Shipment Lifecycle Management

Optimized Customer Service with Intelligent Order Management Solutions

3SC Shipment Lifecycle Management integrates into the business functionalities and improves the productivity of daily operations by automating the capturing of multiple orders from different channels. This way, it enables the optimization of product configurations and pricing. It enables businesses to automate order receiving, packaging, shipping, and after-sales services. 

Driving efficiency
through AI

Enabling Efficient Order Fulfillment

3SC’s Shipment Lifecycle Management utilizes real-time data to manage order fulfillment by simplifying order processing and optimizing the speed of receiving & fulfilling orders. Additionally, real-time data analytics identifies inefficiencies and fulfills customer demands on time. 

What Value Does Shipment Lifecycle Management Add To Your Business?

3SC’s Shipment Lifecycle Management enables companies to plan and manage multi-channel order fulfillment to use the correct channel for every product. The Shipment Lifecycle Management engine uses real-time data to optimize order fulfillment rule-based order orchestration.

Using advanced analytics, Shipment Lifecycle Management enables companies to manage the entire order cycle, from capturing orders to processing orders and managing delivery time slots. In addition to that, it streamlines returns management and enables flexible return scenarios to give customers the best experience.

Shipment Lifecycle Management, in collaboration with other supply chain management modules, helps keep the inventory levels optimum according to the orders received and orders delivered. This helps avoid any stockouts and surplus inventory.

Shipment Lifecycle Management enables collaboration between different supply chain teams that helps them avoid risks and disruption across the supply chain network. In addition to that, it also enables teams to respond to unexpected customer behavior and market conditions by providing real-time data about the orders received, orders processed and returns received.

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