Control Tower As A Service

Orchestrating Your Supply Chain Visibility

Get complete end-to-end visibility of your entire supply chain ecosystem with 3SC’s Control Tower. Providing you with an integrated platform capturing real-time operational data amongst supply chain processes, Control Tower powers your execution by actively monitoring your business workflow & responding to any unwarranted situations.

Get Clarity On Your Supply Chain Operations

Be ready to tackle supply chain disruption by aligning stakeholders with your response action plan with 3SC’s Supply Chain Control Tower. Increase collaborative response with scenario modeling & drive your business intelligence to ace challenging market scenarios.

What Value Does Control Tower As A Service Add To Your Business?

3SC’s Control Tower provides your supply chain with real-time, end-to-end visibility aligned with workable data, driving a corrective action plan against possible disruption. All this is powered through a unified dashboard accounting for the execution process across the organization.

3SC’s Control Tower equips Predictive & Prescriptive analytics to help your company become proactive, adaptable & resilient against supply chain aberrations, all the while keeping the efficiency of your operations intact and aiding to tap into unknown market opportunities.

3SC’s Control Tower enhances collaborative effort amongst all the key stakeholders & partners of supply chain operations to react quickly against impromptu events while ensuring that the key performance metrics don’t get hampered.

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