Dispatch AI

Dispatch AI is an intelligent dispatch planning tool offered by 3SC Solutions that enables enterprises to automate route optimization and scheduling processes.

3SC Dispatch AI is an agile tool that uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize dispatch routes and delivery schedules and minimize costs to ensure faster and more accurate deliveries that help you attain maximum customer satisfaction. It allows complete automation of the dispatch process and customizes it according to the operational logic and business priorities. The tool uses real-time data to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the businesses according to the increasing capacity and promotes scalability.
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Empowering Dispatch Process With AI

3SC Dispatch AI is an AI-based tool that allows companies to automate their dispatch process using real-time data analytics to recommend intelligent decisions to optimize their dispatch priority and transportation routes. It helps different teams to collaborate and ensure an enhanced dispatch and delivery process for enhanced customer experience.

Up To


Improved Forecast Accuracy

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Reduced Inventory Cost

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Faster S&OP process

What Value does 3SC Dispatch AI add to your Business?

Dispatch AI uses real-time data received from different sources. Then according to the orders and cancellations received, it can realign the resources without causing any impact on the end delivery. This helps reduce delays, improve service, and build brand trust.

3SC Dispatch AI can customize dispatch schedules according to the availability of the vehicle, capacity, delivery destination, lading, and other relevant factors. This helps in enhancing the accuracy of the deliveries while keeping the costs to a minimum.

By selecting the shortest and fastest routes, 3SC’s intelligent Dispatch AI enables businesses to deliver more products in lesser time. It considers multiple factors, such as weather and traffic, and uses historical data to pick the fastest delivery route and rule out some routes by anticipating delays.

3SC Dispatch AI enables effective dispatch processes that require a great deal of communication and coordination between teams. It can integrate with other business tools to gather data and provide recommendations to ensure the fastest and most optimum delivery schedules.

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