CarbonX - Becoming Carbon Neutral

Take A Step Towards Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Global warming has led to the formulation of a collective climate goal to limit rising temperatures to under 2 degrees Celsius, as per the 2015 Paris Agreement. CarbonX is a decarbonization platform that helps businesses achieve their corporate social responsibility towards the climate by monitoring and working to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses. It builds a decarbonization roadmap to drive strategic decisions that accelerate corporate growth sustainability.

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Less annual Carbon Emissions

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Reduction in Energy Consumption

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Compliance and Reporting

What Value Does CarbonX Add To Your Business?

3SC’s CarbonX uses AI/ML-based advanced analytics to generate critical insights across all activities in the organization’s supply chain. It enables organizations to measure all scopes of emission in a more exhaustive, confident, and thorough manner through accurate carbon accounting and reporting.

CarbonX helps users identify the exposure to risks and mitigations suggested by the domain experts both at the planning and execution levels. The mitigation suggestions offered by this module factor in aspects of affordability, availability and acceptability, and then suggest the most optimum solution.

3SC’s CarbonX delivers sustainable growth to our partners and clients by building a roadmap and suggesting interventions that are in alignment with their business goals, sustainability targets, ease of implementation, revenue impact, and CSR objectives.

CarbonX is a platform designed to help organizations streamline the process and structure of carbon accounting and reporting to align with the compliances laid out by the reporting agencies. It compiles the reports in the format mandated by the agencies and gets notified of the timelines and statutes of audits.

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