Integrated Business Planning - IBP

Collaborative Planning Made
Easy for Sustainability

Delivering Customer Satisfaction Through Seamless Supply Chain Management

Delivering high levels of customer service while minimizing costs through seamless and synchronous supply chain planning.

3SC's Integrated Business Planning solution leverages analytics and combines finance, marketing, sales and supply chain to address planning issues and opportunities in real time. Integrated Business Planning (3SC-lBP) is a process that encompasses the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods, to create a seamless, integrated business plan. This process includes forecasting demand, planning production and managing inventory levels to meet customer demand.

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Less cost-to-serve

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Increase in planner productivity

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Improved OTIF

What Value Does IBP Add To Your Business?

IBP allows companies to funnel supply chain projections, financial projects and strategic plans into one strategy.

With visibility into all lines of business, decision-makers can agree on one plan and understand where they fit into it, driving the project focus. Balancing demand and supply, developing ‘what-if’ scenarios using real-time information, and embedded communication and analytics.

Like visibility, accountability is a natural consequence of each department’s understanding of the plan and its role, tracking manufacturing deviations, failures, and other factors with an end-to-end chain of custody visibility.

The structure of an IBP approach makes it simpler for companies to focus on making more informed decisions and reducing decision latency. Automated issue identification allows you to solve supply chain issues through collaborative workflows across multiple stakeholders.

IBP leaders consistently deliver top-line, bottom-line and customer service improvements. Increased visibility leads to developing a cost-effective supply chain strategy that ensures high customer service levels but minimizes costs.

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