Demand AI

Driving Accuracy During Uncertainties

3SC’s Demand AI holds your organization’s S&OP process to a level of excellency by allowing you to navigate market uncertainties through a thorough data-learning process accounting for historical precedence, current trends, customers behavior & future sales forecasting....Read more

Keeping You Steady Through Fluctuations

With accurate financial planning, sales foresight, and adaptive algorithms at its core, Demand AI integrates real-time scenarios with working data to outline statistical, operational & consensus forecasts aimed at helping organizations cope with adaptive customer demands.

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Better forecast accuracy

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Less inventory holding costs

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Increase in planner productivity

What Value Does Demand AI Add To Your Business?

Demand Planning shelters your business through economic volatility caused by internal & external factors with reliable revenue & inventory forecast, helping you mitigate trade fluctuations while improving your strategic resource allocations & supply chain efficiency.

Setting you a clear benchmark for assessing your organization’s sales revenue for the specified timeframe, Sales Forecasting predicts how your business will fare by future trends. These projections, in turn, help with astute action planning as it’s backed by historical data accuracy.

Advanced Analytics funnels vetted data to predict patterns & future estimations, making your company more responsive & agile in the face of variable marketing scenarios. Powered by machine learning, 3SC’s Advanced Analytics aids in better decision-making by providing you with ROI goals.

Giving you a comprehensive product life cycle view right from product development to its end-of-life planning, Portfolio Management ventures your planning processes eons ahead of your competition. Making you a trendsetter by helping you bring new, innovative products to market more efficiently aided by proactive responses to economic conditions – your business is always set to maximize its product-based investments.

With Financial Planning, you get an integrated dashboard to oversee & manage your working capital across varied processes from ordering, invoicing, and reconciliation to payments. It also showcases channel-wise projected sales & profits to provide you with better visibility of the financial implications your planning will have.

Scenario & Planning Analysis incorporates discussions around identifying factors that cannot be forecasted, planned, or controlled. Considering the uncertainty of future developments, Scenario & Planning Analysis improves quality decision-making while allowing collaborative effort in the organization.

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