Track and Trace

Stay Connected Always/Keeping Your Transit Live 24x7

3SC’s Track & Trace uses live geo-tagging, providing you with the actual transit location. Offering live access to the route taken by the shipment, you get real statistical insights on potential delays and reroutes, leading to improved on-time delivery performance and orderly operation.

Driving efficiency
through AI

Keeping every movement in the loop

With timely alerts and an active feedback channel to interact with delivery partners, 3SC Track & Trace keeps you informed of every potential deviation & impromptu delay from the planned agreement with your supply chain stakeholders.

What Value Does Track & Trace Add To Your Business?

Get pin-point accuracy of your entire fleet operations with a comprehensive Control Tower showcasing order status, live tracking, ETA, and reroutes to driver info. 3SC’s Track & Trace renders highly informative data onto a unified dashboard, making accurate reporting more accessible.

3SC’s Track & Trace enables real-time communication with delivery partners aiding an organization’s logistical workflow with regular updates. This helps fleet management become more agile & accountable from product dispatch to customer delivery.

By enhancing fleet channel visibility & stakeholder communication, 3SC's Track & Trace bolsters productivity from source to delivery resulting in a proactive supply chain operation mitigating unnecessary risks. With real-time data marshaling your inventory & warehouse operations, 3SC's Track AI makes your business verticals scalable to varied supply & demand scenarios.

With timely updates shared with all the concerned stakeholders, 3SC’s Track & Trace drives complete transparency of the operational process, enhancing your business relationships and, in turn, further bolstering your brand value.

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