Raw Material AI

Optimized Inventory level Through Intelligent Analytics

3SC’s Raw Material Planning is designed to provide organizations with real-time insights into their raw material inventory levels, supplier performance, demand patterns, and supply chain risks. With this information, organizations can optimize their procurement strategy and ensure timely availability of raw materials while minimizing inventory costs and supply chain disruptions....Read more

Keeping Your Inventory Levelled to Meet Future Demands

3SC MRP-AI leverages machine learning algorithms to forecast demand patterns and optimize raw material inventory levels. This helps organizations avoid stockouts and overstocking, reducing inventory holding costs.

Up To


Increase in Supplier Performance

Up To


Increase in Procurement Compliance

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End-to-end visibility of supplier actions

What Value Does MRP-AI Add To Your Business?

3SC MRP-AI provides automated PM Plan & RMPO triggers and compares inventory availability and production schedule. This helps achieve resilient manufacturing operations while maintaining the optimized minimal inventory of raw materials.

It provides the material planning and control strategies that help support operational requirements. It closely monitors supplier inventory to ensure their products and stock-keeping practices support the organization's production needs.

It helps segment raw material inventory based on cost, demand, and lead time. It also helps organizations easily manage the lead time for high-demand products through coordination with suppliers. In addition to that, the platform also helps in maintaining material quality and buffer stock.

With 3SC MRP-AI, organizations get enhanced supplier visibility enabling proactive risk management. It assesses the supplier network on the basis of risk attributes, capabilities, and regulations to minimize disruptions.

The platform enables collaboration of different stakeholders that helps in efficient raw material planning. It helps manage supplier contract lifecycle and compliance. It enables seamless communication that leads to ease of alignment with external stakeholders.

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