11 Jan 2024

Why GAURI is a Must for Your Supply Chain?

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, our organization has shaped the supply chain’s tomorrow. Presenting GAURI, a generative AI assistant that elevates how value chain resilience intelligence is perceived and executed.

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Three-click rule.

Web designers worldwide are well-versed with an unofficial rule of making navigation across the website in no more than 3 clicks. In that, in a maximum of three taps, a user should be able to attain the desired objective. Whether finalizing movie tickets, booking a plane journey, or applying for a job, all it should take is three clicks. All this seamless journey for a user underlines just how simplistic and effortless the current systems and applications have to be to carve out their status as a unique offering. The same ideology has transpired in the tech that we use extensively. Bar phones have made way for capacitive screens; fax has made way for instant messaging platforms, and so on.

The same ascendancy has been akin to various industries and their processes. Traditional methods have been set aside to elevate the metrics of efficiency, transparency, collaboration, analytics, and informed decision-making. The supply chain world, too, has seen numerous breakthroughs. With the inculcation of data science, the leadership now holds information-driven insights to help them better evaluate their process and make necessary changes to eliminate any retrogrades. The same informed accountability of workflow aids the SCM in better preparing for unforeseen bottlenecks that can hamper their roadmap to end revenue goals. All these positive overhauls have resulted from technology finding its desired impact in the world of the value chain. Much of it is powered through the virtues of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Organizations globally have started understanding the marquee technology’s pros to funnel their best way ahead.

3SC, in its ever-evolving quest to provide the best analytically driven supply chain solutions, brings forth a revolutionary Generative AI Assistant – GAURI. GAURI, standing for Generative Assistant Unlocks Resilience Intelligence, is part of 3SC’s risk management profile that catalyzes an organization’s risk management strategy by serving as a comprehensive tool that expands on the concepts of action plans executed in the face of disruptions.

But before we dive in, we’ll encourage you to get yourself up to speed with a little intro about GAURI.

Owing to its innate ability of boosting supply chain intelligence through minimum input, our quintessential platform opens up avenues through its three key features.

Let’s find out what they are.

What are the features of GAURI?

Features of GAURI
  1. Addresses Queries:Many stakeholders are hard-pressed for vital information during crunch time. Key decisions are held back because there are times when faster access to data is missing. GAURI’s standout advantage is that the user can get its queries addressed with just a single click. Whatever your info bottleneck, operational or inquisitive, GAURI instantly gets you responses. All you have to do is simply type in your question and post some algo magic; you get the desired results.
  2. Insights: Need resilience score at a glance for all your suppliers? GAURI’s got it covered. What do you need to do, you ask? Same as the above. Just type in your question, and all the necessary information will be furnished. You can also get a graphical representation of the numbers if that suits you better.
  3. Actionable Recommendations: The crucial role of insights is to help with the execution that helps attain the enterprise’s objectives. If management is stuck on deciding the best way ahead, then our platform is sure to make your job easier. GAURI’s USP, if one has to put it out that way, is its ability to recommend the most fruitful upcoming way. In addition, if a user finds that recommendation up to mark, then our platform can put it into action straight away.

With the introduction of GAURI, 3SC has put in motion a new definition of risk management in the supply chain. Bolstering proactivity with a more refreshing and responsive manner, our generative AI assistant is the aid that value chain management representatives were on the lookout for. To know more about our GenAI assistant prowess, contact us now.

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