13 Dec 2023

GAURI – When Generative AI Meets Supply Chain Risk Management

An all-new addition to 3SC's Risk Management Platform, GAURI is a GenAI and Foundation Model especially customized to help you excel in your operational resiliency. Offering analytics-based insights, suggesting and implementing actionable recommendations, and responding to supply chain inquiries, GAURI is how supply chain intelligence will come to define itself.

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Humans are defined by evolution.

The evolution of our cognitive abilities. The advancement in the way we go about our lives. The transformation of framework that sets how we perceive our work and how we go about it. From the industrial era to the locomotive boom to the connectivity revolution with cell phones. Our effort in getting things done has seen an ascendancy in efficiency, with each generational invention steering the cause. The supply chain industry, too, has witnessed such history-making cornerstones. If it was Excel sheets during the technological boost of the 90s changing the data being managed, it is Machine Learning now opening up new avenues to how the value chain functions.

We, now inhabitants of technological marvels every few months, are accustomed to how Artificial Intelligence can work in tandem with the end-to-end functioning of the organization. From its prowess in helping with data-driven foresight to better decision-making to enhancing the user experience of the products by aligning customer feedback into daily operations, AI has indeed been a catalyst for better productivity and cost efficiency for SCM.

In keeping with the lineage of its analytics-driven disruptive products powered by AI and ML, 3SC brings forth a revolutionary addition to supply chain risk management that not only headlines a new-age approach to resilience but also towards operational betterment for an enterprise. The virtue of a single prompt unlocking all quintessential services that matter for supply chain management.

Presenting GAURI.

What is GAURI, you ask?

Standing for Generative AI Unlocks Resilience Intelligence, GAURI is a cognitive virtual assistant powered by the 3SC's marquee tech that, apart from assessing a client supply chain for risk management strategy, serves as a comprehensive tool that addresses queries, offers analytics-based insights, and provides actional recommendation to improves overall supply chain performance. And one gets all access to this value chain intelligence by simply putting in a query.

Be it operational or inquisitive, GAURI is a sure-shot responsive platform that aids stakeholders instantly with their potential problem statements.

What sets GAURI apart from other Virtual Assistant?

When we define a computerized assistant, we simply refer to a platform that deals with basic Q&A. A user puts in a query that mainly helps them navigate a product or a website and, based on keyword mapping, generates responses that may or may not be what a user is looking for.

GAURI, by its design, is a cognitive platform that works on Generative AI capabilities. This means it learns and generates responses based on the data fed to the application and pre-trains itself on the syntax, semantics of the grammar, reasoning abilities, and basic computational common sense. This technological virtue sets GAURI up to help supply chain management get risk mitigation strategies instantly while acting as a think tank to help with innovative product operational improvements.

Want to know which supplier is not matching your monthly targets? GAURI will let you know.

Do you want to know how to improve your ESG practices in the current supply chain? GAURI will get the desired response.

GAURI's versatility, extending beyond risk mitigation to strategy enhancement, prepares it to become one of the highlights in the supply chain industry. Below are the key performance indicators that directly get constructive ascendancy with the implementation of 3SC’s latest generative platform.

  • Risk Mitigation Time: GAURI significantly reduces the time to identify and address supply chain risks, leading to a swift response mechanism.
  • Supply Chain Resilience: Enhance overall resilience by leveraging the real-time insights and implementing recommended strategies promptly.
  • User Engagement and Satisfaction: Improve user satisfaction by providing a more intuitive and personalized interaction with the supply chain management system through GAURI.
  • Actionable Insights Implementation: Increase the implementation rate of actionable insights by seamlessly pushing recommendations into integrated systems for swift execution.

Why is GAURI essential for the future of the supply chain?

It's a competitive world out there. To make their products and services more exciting and enticing to their customers, organizations need a sure-shot mechanism that not only provides insights that build progressively but does so with quick turnaround time. With timeline being a litmus test for the success of any enterprise, GAURI navigates the intricacies of the supply chain with quite an aplomb through its multi-dexterity. Be it searching out data from multiple dashboards, be it a query whose response will drive a key decision ahead, or be it just a thought that needs more reasoning, GAURI does it all.

Fast-tracking supply chain ecosystem with its crucial and fast response, GAURI is an upspring in the value chain world that successfully translates intelligence for an organization's performance.

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