06 Dec 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Supply Chain Control Towers

Supply chain control towers help businesses enhance the visibility of the entire supply chain network and take necessary steps to identify and resolve exceptions in real-time.

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Modern-day industrial scenarios are so dynamic and rapid that their supply chains are prone to serious disruptions at any time. These disruptions may cause serious damage to a business. Often, supply chains use third-party logistics, which makes them vulnerable due to low visibility, making it difficult to track the movement of products throughout the system. Businesses struggle to gather extra data to resolve risks and implement action to mitigate them. Therefore, supply chain control towers are required by the companies.

A supply chain control tower is an AI/ML-based online solution that gathers data from different nodes of the supply chain and offers real-time insights about the status of the movement of products.

Let's look into the typical benefits of a supply chain control tower.

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What Are the Benefits of Supply Chain Control Tower?

When the control towers are integrated with the supply chain management system, it gives financial, strategic, and operational advantages. Some of the primary benefits of control towers include the following:

  1. Autonomous Decision Maker Process

    The supply chain control towers have decision-making abilities that benefit the industries. They can collect data, analyze data, and take proper steps that can enhance productivity and reduce costs. A Control tower is the desired tool for planners as they don't need to take any actionable steps on the acquired data as control towers are capable of that autonomously.

  2. End to End Visibility

    Lack of visibility on each node of the supply chain network is one of the biggest shortcomings that prevent planners from enhancing their supply chains. Several factors to count on when planning the supply chain, such as weather, inventory loss, delayed shipments, and many others. The control towers offered the required end-to-end visibility that helps detect exceptions in real-time and resolve them without delay.

  3. Lowered cost

    When the control towers provide accurate and real-time information across the supply chain, it effectively helps keep costs low by reducing the time in resolving the exception. It also helps in optimizing logistics and inventory management.

  4. Improved Communication

    The supply chain control towers allow better partnerships and communication between different critical partners in the network. Every participant in the network can access the required information and take action to enhance the efficiency of the entire process.

  5. Enhanced Productivity

    Control towers, when identifying the exception in real-time and helping resolve them without delay, enhance the business operation's productivity, maximizing profits. Also, these control towers use technologies such as AI and machine learning, allowing them to learn and adapt more efficient routines, leading to minimized hours required for research and other ineffective processes.

How can 3SC help?

3SC offers intelligent and agile supply chain management systems that help businesses determine the weak point in their supply chain networks and take corrective actions in real-time. Along with a seamless supply chain, our supply-chain management solutions, such as Supply Chain Control Towers, CarbonX, and SCAI, help businesses have end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, help decrease their carbon footprints and enhance the environment as well as financial sustainability.

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