17 Nov 2022

SCAI - An Intelligent Supply Chain Planning & Execution Platform

Supply Chain AI (SCAI) is an integrated, modular system that provides a foundation for enabling enterprises to build synchronous, resilient, sustainable platforms. It enables businesses to manage demand-supply dynamics in real time with analytics based on structured data from thereby enabling them improve the efficiency of their business.

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In today's business world, it is more important than ever to have a streamlined and efficient supply chain. A supply chain is a network of organizations that are involved in the process of making a product or service available for sale. This includes everything from the suppliers who provide the raw materials, manufacturers who assemble the products, and distributors who get them to market.

Good supply chain management software can help you optimize your entire process, from ordering the raw materials and components to shipping the finished products to customers. But what is the best way to go about setting up a supply chain management system? And once you have one in place, how can you make sure it is running as efficiently as possible?

In our last blog, we explained the intelligent supply chain platform in detail. We covered that it is a software application that helps you manage your supply. It enables you to plan and execute your operations in an efficient and effective way.

Introducing 3SC SCAI

3SC SCAI is an intelligent supply chain planning and execution platform that enables enterprises to build synchronous, resilient, and sustainable platforms, thereby helping businesses improve efficiency, drive profitability, reduce waste, and operate sustainably.

SCAI enables companies to make better & faster decisions by providing a single platform for supply chain planning and execution risk management. SCAI has four modules, each of which gives a unique advantage to your business to stay competitive. These modules are:

Module 1: IBP (Integrated Business Planning)

3SC Integrated Business Planning is an agile business planning solution that enables collaboration across functions such as demand planning, supply planning, finance, sales, marketing, etc., and manages digital S&OP processes to meet common business & financial goals.

Its distinguishing capabilities include – Collaborative & Digital S&OP processes, Demand management, sensing and shaping, Supply Network Planning & Optimization, and Collaborative gamification to improve planner productivity.

Some of the core capabilities of IBP are as follows:

  • Better visibility: IBP allows companies to funnel supply chain plans, drive supply chain KPIs and strategic plans into one strategy, and visualize end-to-end supply chains in a coherent manner.
  • Greater alignment: With visibility into all stages of the supply chain, decision-makers can agree on a common plan, driving the overall business goals.
  • Improved accountability and productivity: Like visibility, planned accountability & productivity is a key supply chain efficiency driver which requires communication and tracking of decisions. Supply chain plan efficacy is derived from the performance of the overall business goal, easy & quick identification of the same leads to better optimization.
  • Better decisions: IBP leads to more informed decisions and reduces decision latency. This translates into a better contribution towards profitability and efficiency goals.
  • Delivered results: IBP strives to consistently deliver improved top-line, bottom-line, and customer service level improvements.

Module 2: Digital Twin, Risks and Recommendations.

3SC Risk Management & Digital Twin is a proactive risk management capability that helps planners identify, assess, prioritize, and mitigate risks such as potential lost sales, excess inventory issues, and delivery delays.

It identifies & quantifies risks, analyzes root causes, and proactively mitigates them based on the recommendations provided through AI-powered recommendations. Digital twin provides end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, thereby enabling enterprises to digitally visualize and monitor their supply chain.

Some core capabilities of this module are:

  • Improved disruption monitoring and resolution: Monitor the ecosystem to anticipate and assess disruptions and re-align the supply chain accordingly.
  • Prescriptive Recommendation & Resolution: Trace disruption and enable rapid auto-resolutions of common disruptions with ML-based root-cause analysis.
  • Improved Risk Mitigation: With real-time supply chain visibility, risk identification & mitigation becomes seamless and quick.
  • Scenario Modelling: Enables users to model and compare different mitigation scenarios and helps implement the most optimal and practical risk mitigation strategy.

Module 3: CarbonX

SCAI's CarbonX is an intelligent decarbonization platform that helps enterprises to monitor emissions, simulate intervention impact & create a decarbonization roadmap.

CarbonX helps businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. It does this by providing insights into the energy use of different processes and operations. CarbonX also provides recommendations on how businesses can reduce their energy consumption and plan a decarbonization roadmap. It reduces the Carbon risks and reports the impact of emissions to stakeholders and external agencies.

This module is designed to help users/organizations streamline the process and structure the reporting to comply with guidelines laid out by the reporting agencies. CarbonX compiles the reports in the format desired by agencies, and businesses get notified of the timelines and statutes of audits.

Module 4: EDM (Enterprise Data Management)

SCAI's Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is an intelligent data governance solution that helps enterprises organize different supply chain data in a consolidated, coherent, and consistent manner.

EDM helps businesses monitor the health of the data and improve data quality, which in turn, helps them to make better decisions. It also provides security for the data and ensures that only authorized personnel has access to it.

The core module of EDM is Data AI, which is all about data accuracy, quality checks, availability verification, downstream consumption, recommendations for rectifications, and overall governance of master data entities and transactional entities. This module highlights areas for improvement in the current state of your data.

SCAI Platform

Why should more businesses be using SCAI to streamline their supply chains?

There are many reasons why businesses should be using SCAI to streamline their sustainable supply chains. Here are just a few:

  • Improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations.
  • Improve forecast accuracy by 22%
  • Reduce the costs of their supply chain execution.
  • Reduction of inventory holding costs by 7%
  • Improve order fulfillment by 25%
  • Increased visibility into their supply chains.
  • Improve customer service by providing insights that can help them resolve customer issues faster and more effectively.
  • Achieve a 5% reduction in carbon emissions per year.
  • Target and achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption compared to the baseline scenario

SCAI is an essential tool for any business that wants to streamline its supply chain and improve its overall operations. SCAI upgrades your supply chain to become more synchronous, resilient, and sustainable.


SCAI is an intelligent supply chain planning and execution platform that can help businesses improve efficiency and reduce costs. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide insights that can help you optimize your processes, increase visibility into your operations, and improve customer service. If you're looking to transform your supply chain, SCAI truly has no limits to realizing this vision.

To learn more about SCAI and how it can benefit your business, contact us today.

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