12 Dec 2022

3SC SCAI EDM – An Intelligent Data Management Solution

SCAI EDM is a revolutionary data management platform that helps organizations of all sizes get the most out of their data. It provides insights and solutions to streamline operations, ensuring accuracy and validity.

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The world is constantly changing and evolving, which means that the way we do things also needs to change. In the business world, this is especially true. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must find new and innovative ways to manage their data. Enterprise data is one of the most important assets a company has. It includes all the data a company gathers and stores, from customer information to produce data to financial records. Managing this data effectively is essential for any business, allowing them to make informed decisions.

In my last blog – What is enterprise data management and why it is important for SCM? , I covered the challenges of managing data in a business setting. Now, let me introduce you to 3SC SCAI EDM – a game-changing data management platform that can help manage data easier than ever before.

What is SCAI Enterprise Data Management?

SCAI Enterprise Data Management Solution, aka EDM, is a platform that helps companies easily access, consolidate and unify data of many types related to their supply chain in a structured way.

SCAI EDM gives structure to the raw data that comes in from multiple sources, providing users with a uniform view of their data. It allows companies to store and manage all their enterprise data in one place and make better decisions based on valuable insights derived from this data.

How can SCAI EDM help you manage your enterprise data?

SCAI Enterprise Data Management system offers a comprehensive set of services and features to help you manage your enterprise data. It allows users to easily access, consolidate, and unify data from multiple sources in a structured way. This makes it simple for companies to store and manage their data in one place.

It also offers powerful analytics capabilities, allowing users to analyse their data and generate insights to help them make better decisions. EDM provides a wide range of services, including advanced analytics, predictive modelling, machine learning, and more. With these features, companies can easily monitor market trends, customer behaviour, and forecast future trends.

SCAI EDM is state-of-the-art platform, designed to help companies be competitive and viable in dynamic situations. It fosters a data-led culture that empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.

What are some of the features of SCAI EDM that make it unique from other enterprise data management platforms?

Key modules of EDM include:


HealthAI is an AI-powered solution for data accuracy, availability verification, quality checks, and overall governance of master data entities. It provides details about validation failures, key reasons for failure, Entity Wise failure, and Priority of failure rectifications. Furthermore, HealthAI also nudges the users to sanitize the data by rectifying the outliers through relevant recommendations. This helps Data admins to track the status, review, verify and approve the details in master data entities quickly.

Entity Management

The Entity Management module provides users with an easy way to create, store, and manage data entities. It offers features like Entity Hierarchy, Entity Relationship, and Entity Access Control to help users manage their data efficiently. This module also provides users with a unified view of their data by allowing them to easily classify and separate it based on relevant entities.

Entity Management is further divided into 2 sub-modules:

  1. Enterprise Master Data: This module stores all master data entities such as locations, networks, products, raw materials, suppliers, etc. Every enterprise entity has its own set of attributes, which can be used to manage the data.
  2. Enterprise Transactions: This module stores all transaction-based entities such as raw material procurement orders, production orders, stock transfer orders, inventories (raw materials and finished goods), etc. This allows users to easily track and monitor their transactions in real-time.

How easy is it to use SCAI EDM, and what are the USPs of our platform?

SCAI EDM is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Its features are easy to understand and set up, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. It also offers high levels of flexibility and scalability, allowing companies to scale up their data management operations as needed.

The platform has more USPs than any other platform in the market, some of them are mentioned below:

  • EDM harnesses the power of data. It provides invaluable insights to help you get ahead - identifying issues with your information as they arise and recommending solutions to swiftly bring any discrepancies back in line.
  • It unlocks the power to quickly validate the data, and diagnose issues, ensuring accuracy and validity with an eye towards efficiency.
  • This unique solution has the capability to keep track of the vitality of data, both entering and exiting systems, providing a novel way for businesses to stay up to date on their information.
  • EDM generates precise results by obtaining the best quality data available, which is essential for even the most detailed analysis. With high-quality information, organizations can gain invaluable insights and stay ahead of their competition.
  • It takes the utmost care to ensure, client's data is well-protected and adheres to all necessary regulations, providing an extra layer of confidence in their business endeavours.
  • Multiple data sources are combined to maximize efficiency and productivity and allow organizations to streamline operations with an effortless consolidation of information!

In conclusion, SCAI EDM is the ultimate game-changer in the data management space. It provides organizations with a comprehensive platform to manage their data efficiently and effectively while also ensuring its accuracy and security. With its intuitive design and robust features, SCAI EDM is the perfect choice for any organization looking to take their data management efforts to the next level.

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