01 Dec 2022

Introducing 3SC SCAI CarbonX- Intelligent Decarbonization Platform

Every day, we make choices that have an impact on the planet. From the food we eat to how we get around town, each decision has consequences for our carbon footprint- the amount of greenhouse gas produced by our everyday activities. Reducing our carbon footprint is one important way to help fight climate change and protect our environment.

As mentioned in the previous blog, sustainability is finally getting the required attention from global supply chains. But it is not easy to achieve sustainability without a suitable plan.

Introducing 3SC SCAI CarbonX

3SC CarbonX is a SaaS offering designed to help companies understand, analyze, and identify the risks and effects of sustainability (Climate Actions). It offers comprehensive indexing on carbon dioxide equivalent, sources, and associated risks, as well as options to act upon those.

CarbonX platform enables businesses to accurately measure their supply chain emissions, track progress towards reducing them, and take action to decarbonize their operations. It's powered by 3SC's SCAI (Supply Chain Intelligence Platform), which uses natural language processing, data mining, and AI to gather, process, and visualize relevant data from multiple sources in real-time.

How can CarbonX help you reduce your carbon footprint?

CarbonX helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint by accurately monitoring, analyzing, and improving their supply chain emissions. By using AI to identify areas of improvement and actionable insights, companies can make sustainable decisions that will help them reduce their environmental impact while also cutting costs.

In addition, CarbonX provides a comprehensive analysis of areas where businesses can save money by switching to renewable energy sources. This helps companies make informed decisions that contribute to the fight against climate change and benefit their bottom line.

The CarbonX platform also offers a carbon offset program, allowing businesses to purchase offsets for any emissions they cannot eliminate through improved efficiency or transitioning to renewables. This allows companies to go beyond simply reducing their emissions- they can become carbon neutral with no effort on their part!

What are some of the features of CarbonX that make it unique from other decarbonization platforms out there today?

Unlike other carbon footprint reduction and decarbonization platforms, CarbonX utilizes AI-driven analytics to identify the most effective and efficient actionable insights. This helps businesses make informed decisions that will help them reduce their emissions while also cutting costs.

  • Carbon Analytics

    CarbonX's Carbon Analytics module enables businesses to accurately measure and monitor their supply chain emissions. The AI-driven analytics platform uses data mining, natural language processing, and machine learning to gather, process, and visualize relevant data from multiple sources in real time.

  • Risks and Recommendations

    The Risks and Recommendations module of CarbonX helps businesses identify and assess Carbon risks, as well as provides them with tailored recommendations for cost-efficient reduction strategies. The AI-driven analytics platform also allows companies to prioritize the most effective Climate action interventions for their operations.

  • Intervention Planning

    The Intervention Planning module helps companies develop tailored sustainability roadmaps based on their goals, needs, budget, and capabilities. It simulates business scenarios using levers and creates a decarbonization roadmap to control emissions.

  • Regulatory Compliances

    CarbonX's Regulatory Compliances module offers comprehensive indexing of carbon dioxide equivalent sources and associated risks, as well as regulatory compliances. This helps businesses stay in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. The module also helps to compile the reports in the format desired by agencies and get notified of the timelines and statutes of Audits.

How easy is it to use CarbonX, and what are the USPs of our platform?

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, CarbonX is easy to use and offers an enhanced experience for businesses of all sizes. It is designed to automate processes and simplify workflows, so users can quickly understand their climate impact. The platform's comprehensive data analysis, fast results delivery, and customizable features make it a cornerstone tool for any company looking to reduce its carbon footprint.

The platform has more USPs than any other platform in the market, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Our innovative solution harnesses the power of thousands of emission factors and decarbonization levers from various industry sectors to measure GHG emissions accurately.
  • By utilizing its industry knowledge and modern analytics techniques, CarbonX can uncover risks while formulating solutions to critical problems. By combining traditional methods with data-driven approaches, it can take a comprehensive approach to tackle challenges.
  • Our roadmap planning ensures a variety of business needs are considered while promoting social responsibility - carefully balancing profitability with impactful initiatives that stay within your budget parameters.
  • Ensuring accurate and timely reporting, our audit compliance readiness program equips you with the tools to stay up to date. With comprehensive evaluations and regular reviews, we ensure your business is always in line with industry standards.
  • utomated carbon accounting provides a revolutionary solution to keeping track of our global emissions - allowing us to monitor their impact in real-time and make more informed decisions about how to reduce them.

What are some success stories of businesses that have used CarbonX?

Reducing our carbon footprint is essential for positively impacting the environment and combating climate change. By reducing emissions, businesses can save money on energy costs while contributing to the global effort to slow down the rate at which climate change is occurring.

Some of the key metrics shared by our clients are:

  • Companies that have implemented CarbonX have seen up to a 5% reduction in their carbon emissions per year.
  • Some of our clients have also seen up to a 30% reduction in energy consumption compared to the baseline scenario.
  • Additionally, CarbonX has helped businesses stay compliant with environmental regulations and has provided them with an efficient roadmap for reducing their carbon footprint.

In conclusion, CarbonX is an intelligent decarbonization platform powered by AI-driven analytics that helps businesses reduce their emissions and become carbon-neutral with minimal effort. It is easy to use and offers comprehensive data analysis, fast results delivery, and customizable features to make the transition to a greener future easier than ever. With CarbonX, businesses can save money, stay in compliance with regulations, and can take a step closer to achieving sustainability in the supply chain.

Contact us today to start your journey of decarbonization with CarbonX.

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