Predictive Analytics

Demand Forecasting Enabled By Machine Learning Algos
Our demand forecasting tools enable the service of in-house modeling which helps in analysing trends and predicting demands by employing machine learning, stochastic planning, and artificial intelligence.
Let 3SC help you in achieving a better forecasting ability while helping you to improve your supply chain management.



Prescriptive Analytics

Network Design
Our Network Engineering Services includes Supply Chain Discovery, Supply Chain Optimization & Supply Chain Innovation.
Inventory Optimization
Our inventory optimizer uses advanced statistical formulations and simulation techniques enabled by AI to arrive at the optimal inventory level at a location or in a multi-echelon network.
Load Optimization
Our load optimizer enabled by Best Fit Algorithms optimizes loading space and increases cube yield.
Route Optimization
Our Advanced Machine Learning-based Automated Route Planning Engine is derived from an optimization engine which is constantly powered by genetic algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques.

Descriptive Analytics

Spend Analytics
3SC Spend Analytics enabled by Business Intelligence provides data-driven insights to gain visibility and dive deep into spend data, track procurement performance metrics, supply base, and provides actionable insights to identify opportunities for consolidation of spend and to reduce procurement costs.
Visualization and Dashboard
Our business intelligence and data visualization analytics provide on-premise and software-as-a-service/cloud deployment options. Our visualization tool enables users to analyze & visualize real-time data on their own, and collaborate using online graphics to generate ideas and identify trends.


3SC’s cloud-based platforms are powered by Machine Learning algorithms and their extensible architecture enables continuous innovation and growth. Our key products include Demand Curve for Demand Forecasting and Sensing, DispatchX for Distribution Planning, Collaborative Demand Portal for Consensus Demand Planning, Prism for Scenario Modelling and Business Intelligence Insights, 4PL Visilog to act as a supply chain orchestrater & FAST to smoothen payment and audit through Advance Analytics Algorithms.