4PL Visilog is an orchestrated platform for all stakeholders in your supply chain where it provides complete visibility of the supply chain, increases your service levels of fulfillment, and decreases logistics and supply chain management costs, whilst harmonizing communication between multiple stakeholders.


Multiply profitability and efficiency of warehouse operations through optimization and control. WMS can control a manually paper based warehouse operations, a mixed warehouse having radio frequency devices or a fully automated warehouse with the same efficiency. WMS is a powerful and versatile software, with multi-owner, multi-site and multi-language capabilities, it streamlines warehouse management, irrespective of the size or type of warehouse you're running. It controls, coordinates and manages all movements, processes and operations, multiplying profitability across all areas like: storage, reception, picking and dispatch of outbound orders.


TMS or transportation management systems is a key element of supply chain management. A functional TMS simplifies various complicated tasks and helps companies to ship their products in a very cost-effective way. TMS offers a wide array of services ranging from tracking intermodal freight movements, managing domestic and international shipments, to various commercial and compliance adherences in check. The great thing about TMS is that it can work seamlessly with your company or with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to whom you have outsourced your fulfillment. Get our services to reimagine the future of logistics. Digitize your end-to-end fleet and logistics operations to improve efficiency, safety, and reduce cost.


Get our eminent solution to check freight costs and take advantage of data-driven metrics to improve visibility. To reduce overhead and optimize cost, more and more organizations have strategically decided to audit their freight invoices internally. Our software provides the analysis and expertise to give shippers an added edge over others. By leveraging an in-house freight audit software, companies gain more visibility and control over their shipping costs which usually gets diminished if it is outsourced to an external agency. A robust freight invoice audit solution can help you identify consolidation opportunities, reduce avoidable freight charges and cut costs by making a well-informed data driven transportation decision.

Freight auditing is an integral part of managing supply chain cost and it provides a financial and analytical insight into costs & validations on invoices against vendor agreement rates. Businesses that process a large volume of freight receipts and invoices without auditing their accuracy are likely to overpay a significant amount of money without knowing it.


EXIM's Supply Chain Financing Guarantee (SCFG), offered to lenders, assists exporters and their suppliers in accounts receivable financing. It is designed to increase liquidity in the supply chain and provide suppliers, particularly small businesses, with faster and lower-cost access to capital. We integrate this solution into our software which is aligned with product export and import policies to create a seamless supply chain for the product.


In the new digital age, cloud-based SaaS technology offers a flexible way to improve business operations, improve customer experience and make better decisions. In the realm of supply chain management, SaaS technology can lower costs for today's businesses while ensuring they still have the visibility they need to drive positive results for their brand. Our solution gives us full visibility into what happens to the customer's products with constant control over product quality and delivery.

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3SC has launched its revolutionary sustainable analytics service as ONE STOP SOLUTION TO SUPPORT Net Carbon Zero –Carbonex. Supply Chain is the most responsible factor in carbon emissions, our product enables Screening, Measurement, Reducing, and Monitoring of your carbon emissions. This end-to-end sustainability solution determines the shortest, most optimal, and cost-effective routes for every journey and every mode of transportation.


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