Plan X

Here with Plan X we help in incorporating top-down and bottom-up demand planning philosophies. We provide software that improves visibility, insight and control, which is needed to improve planning efficiency, accuracy, meeting the needs of Replenishment, raw material, and Sales and Operations Planning.

Plan X
Demand Consensus Planning

Consensus demand planning incorporates top-down and bottom-up demand planning philosophies. The bottom-up forecast based on statistics is reconciled with the top-down forecast which is based on finance. This new consensus forecast guides the assortment planning process and establishes the inventory cycle stock. This forecast is evaluated and modified when necessary, through continuous reports and timely meetings. Final outcome of it is deploying the right product in the right place at the right time for the right customer. Get our pre-eminent solution for your company's demand consensus planning bottlenecks!

Production & Capacity Planning

3SC offers a solution to control your manufacturing processes and improve planning efficiency and accuracy. Increasing supply chain complexity and the variability of stress systems (and schedulers), often lead to inaccurate plans and forecasts that are not aligned with customer demand. We provide production planning software that gives much required visibility, insight and control to improve planning efficiency and accuracy. It takes into account all resources and constraints, from suppliers to different phases of production, leading to optimal plans independent from stress factors. Unlike systems that address only parts of the manufacturing process, our production planning solution organizes and optimizes the end-to-end production operation.

Replenishment & Deployment Planning

Meeting the needs of your customers starts with having the right products in the right place at the right time. To achieve accurate product placement, retailers must consider multiple channels, individual stores, and product attributes to meet customer demand and business goals. It is recommended to have correct distribution of merchandise by size so you can optimize inventory, avoid unnecessary markdowns, and reduce waste.

Connect with us and learn how you can leverage 3SC's Replenishment and Deployment Planning solution to map your product placement enabling business intent, automate distributions and replenishment which increases productivity, and works seamlessly with planning solutions of other retailers helping them realize maximum margins.

Raw Material Planning

All industries are embracing technological advancement to their advantage, and the manufacturing business is no different. More companies are adopting raw material planning tools to optimize their supply and demand. 3SC offers a complete tool which helps companies manage orders, track invoices, check inventory, and forecast future material requirements. But wait, there is more, this software also increases your net profit. If you are into any business, you should consider investing in a raw material planning tool without thinking twice.

S & OP Platform

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a recurring cross-functional process which accompanies tools for adjusting demand, inventory, and supply at an aggregate level while maintaining an integrated business plan to guide operations. Therefore, S&OP provides the guidelines for the operational execution of the company-wide plan, also called sales and operations execution (S&OE). Get our solution and enable S&OP digital transformation by integrating business planning and finance into existing S&OP. 3SC is helping organizations move from an executive dashboard to a collaborative, analytics-driven platform while being in tandem with cross-functional plans and initiatives.

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