Eliminating the leaks in the supply chain and align it with the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Get a holistic view of supply chain processes, logistics, and technologies to empower and optimize the way supply chain strategies are planned.

CO2 Footprint Screening

The 3SC Sustainability Tool is a CO2 Footprint Optimizer designed to minimize your CO2 footprint. It takes into account all the parameters that give rise to CO2 emissions caused by the transport of goods. This data is used for route optimization, network optimization and fare optimization, establishing a comparison of costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

With the help of our software, organizations measure their CO2 emission levels by calculating their baseline and setting a sustainable maturity level throughout the supply chain. This AI and ML-enabled tool allows organizations to develop a clear and defined matrix to measure their carbon footprint levels and then take the necessary steps to reduce it.

CO2 Footprint Measuring

The industry already has various solutions for managing the CO2 footprint. However, our software goes one step further. With the help of this tool, organizations can measure their carbon emission levels across all value chains associated with their supply chain. Various factors such as transportation, distribution and daily operations are taken into account while measuring the same and an accurate representation of GHG emission related data is provided for an evaluation by the organization.

CO2 Footprint Reducing

Strict and efficient measures are required to ensure that the necessary ecological objectives are achieved within the planned time horizon. Once the CO2 emissions measurement is done, our advanced analytics software helps organizations set the goal of reducing emissions baselines. Here, the tools help in defining a strategy to reduce the overall carbon footprint considering all organizational constraints and provides verifiable and quantitative metrics for performance evaluation.

CO2 Footprint Offsetting

Using 3SC software, organizations can find suitable ways to offset their CO2 footprint by analyzing the various facets of their operations, such as energy management, involved in warehousing and distribution. Post evaluation, comparison is done with the SDG targets to find opportunities for offsetting the carbon footprint. It also provides a quantitative and qualitative scale to measure its performance in terms of achieving its sustainability objectives.

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