Prescriptive Analytics

Go beyond explanations and predictions to recommend the best course of action moving forward. Analyze your data using algorithmic models and statistics to provide instant recommendations and optimize business practices to drive desired outcomes.

Prescriptive Analytics
Network Optimization

Supply chain networks are complex. They encapsulate numerous partners and innumerable network relations. Network optimization offers transparency, structural order and huge cost savings by providing an insight into the As-Is VS To-Be scenario offering a tangible value to them.

3SC has the methods, tools and experience to untangle complex global networks and identify all paths of optimization. Our implementation initiative for custom network optimization is based on a proven set of measures. With our network optimization module, supply chain networks can be thoroughly analyzed and evaluated. The focus of our software is to reduce the total cost, taking into account inventory and service levels.

Vehicle Route Optimization

Optimize routes to minimize delivery times, fuel costs, distanced travelled, freight costs, or a combination of all. Our industry-leading solution gives you an edge over the competition by providing you with the best routes factoring information like delivery windows, delivery priorities, traffic patterns, lane, ramp, and bridge opening times.

Load Optimization

3SC helps you put a smile on your customer's face by achieving safe, efficient and incident-free operations. Our advanced loading tool optimizes cargo loading based on delivery order, weight and load capacity to deliver merchandise in perfect condition.

Inventory Optimization

Harness the power of solution offered by 3SC to understand the key drivers of excess inventory and put the correct levels of stock in the right places to create an optimum balance between cost and service.

Our inventory optimization solution for multi-tier inventory and optimization, controls upward pressure on inventory stored at all stages and locations of your supply chain network. Whether you use lean inventory or make-to-stock models, there's no easier way to achieve your goals of finding that right balance.

Plan better. Create an efficient supply chain. Make the planet a healthy place to live
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