Predictive Analytics

Be proactive using historical data, statistical algorithms, predictive modeling, and other sophisticated techniques to predict future outcomes It helps in planning for unknown events and discover opportunities in future activities. Get proven, cutting-edge algorithms designed to help you solve your biggest challenges.

Predictive Analytics
Demand Planning

As market dynamics continue to change, organizations are harnessing the power of foresight to improve sustainability and meet rising customer service expectations. Learn how 3SC uses hundreds of demand-driving variables and machine learning to provide a single demand projection, factoring calculated risk and its business impact.

Our demand planning software not only helps organizations in predicting demand but it also help them to detect, analyse, plan and shape demand to optimise short-term and long-term sales and customer performance, with improved margins. Get our solution for comprehensive improvements into planner productivity, better inventory management and better understanding of demand drivers and customer behaviour.

Supply Planning

Predict sooner, act faster and eliminate waste in your supply planning with 3SC. With shorter product life cycles, new competitors, expanding partner and supplier networks, organizations need to be able to detect, process, plan, and respond to change in real time. Empower your users to be more productive with a simple and intuitive user interface.

Get our solution and identify key stakeholders with intelligent collaboration. Simulate and evaluate multiple plans at once, and make fast, confident decisions, all within our easy-to-use, out-of-the-box 3SC platform. Connect with us to find out how you can earn a solid return on your invested capital and minimise inventory while maintaining the high level of service your customers expect.


Bridge the gap between planning and execution by setting a perfect balance between your capacity, resources, and inventory which is aligned with your sales plans. It factors-in various deterrents like seasonality, promotions, and rank changes while proactively resolving exceptions before they impact your business. 3SC is helping organizations move from an executive dashboard to a collaborative, analytics-driven platform for aligning cross-functional plans and initiatives.

Plan better. Create an efficient supply chain. Make the planet a healthy place to live
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