Planning Control Tower

3SC's planning control tower allows a more accurate look into your demand, production, supply, inventory, and distribution planning while enabling you to improve real-time visibility and automate response hence providing you a strategic, tactical, and operational upper hand over your competitors.

Planning Control Tower
Demand Planning

More accurate demand forecasting drives improved downstream demand plans that increase profitability, satisfy customers, and synchronize supply chain partners. Our demand planning solution aligns high-level business planning with detailed product forecasting to reduce inventory investments, improve service levels & profitability, and shorten cycle time.

Get the 3SC solution and capture the needs of an entire company in a single plan to guide your business. Our demand planning solution enables you to increase product availability and improve profitability with advanced demand forecasting methods.

Production Planning

Create your production plans in an automated way. Run your own versions of the production plan by comparing demand forecast and actual production orders for all your available products considering the capacity and availability across your factory lines. Get our production planning solution to edit your version and run it to create the final production plan. Leveraging our software, you can manage capacity limitations with an easy-to-use interface.

Supply Planning

3SC supply planning software provides future visibility into customer demands, product and material requirements, and the actions needed by suppliers and manufacturers to efficiently meet market demand. Our excellent supply planning tool helps you Continuously balance demand with supply, even in complex distribution networks and a global supply chain environment. It would be a perfect fit to take your supply chain to the next level.

Inventory Planning

Get 3SC's inventory planning solution for multi-tier inventory optimization that controls upward pressure on inventory reserves at all stages and locations of your supply chain network. Whether you use lean inventory or make-to-stock models, there's no easier way to achieve your goals. Harness the power of the inventory planning tool to understand the key drivers of excess inventory and put the right levels of stock in the right places to create the best balance between cost and service.

Distribution Planning

At 3SC we provide our clients with the most optimal distribution planning services. Using our AI and ML-enabled planning tools, we can identify the most optimal route for logistics. We also consider operations research techniques such as the center of gravity method to plan distribution centers so that products reach the market at the lowest possible cost.

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Execution Control Tower

After providing an unprecedented supply chain flexibility for dynamic planning, executing such plans becomes a challenge. 3SC execution control tower provides a full audit trail with strong data security, an accurate and reliable order management system to yield high returns, a freight management solution, and a solution to help importers and exporters in managing the related difficulties.


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