Execution Control Tower

After providing an unprecedented supply chain flexibility for dynamic planning, executing such plans becomes a challenge. 3SC execution control tower provides a full audit trail with strong data security, an accurate and reliable order management system to yield high returns, a freight management solution, and a solution to help importers and exporters in managing the related difficulties.

Execution Control Tower
Tender Management

Our meticulously crafted bid management software provides a full audit trail with strong data security. In addition, you can manage access to the platform according to your choice. Let us transform your bidding process into an advanced technology-enabled infrastructure. Our experts will explain everything to decide on the development of the solution. The bid management solution completely changes the way you approach bids. It not only improves efficiency but also guides you to make well-informed bidding decisions.

Order Management

Your business needs an accurate and reliable order management system to yield high returns and build a positive reputation in the marketplace. Our order management solution is a top-tier software that integrates with your order management processes. 3SC solutions offer seamless integration into your business operations to optimize the way you fulfill customer orders. Call us now for the most reliable software that can optimize your end-to-end supply chain order management practices.

Freight Management

Avoid the logistical nightmare of shipping goods! We offer an eminent freight management solution. 3SC's Freight Management Solution is a comprehensive, granular logistics management solution with a goal of transforming visibility throughout the supply chain, improving all aspects of transportation operations, such as securing rates, and automating invoice reconciliation for real-time freight tracking. Our freight management tool encompasses the technology, experience, human resources, and knowledge used to facilitate effective, efficient, and rapid coordination between carriers and shippers to ensure goods are delivered on budget and within agreed service levels.

Export & Import Management

Running an export and import business can be tedious. And challenging. Capture all costs, handle customers, manage inventory, create pricing structures, and do it all efficiently and profitably using our solution. We provide an efficient way to help importers and exporters of all sizes to operate globally with ease and efficiency.

Our extraordinary solution has been designed from the ground up for wholesalers and distributors, especially importers and exporters. It is an export and import management tool designed to help develop a company's import or export strategy and operating procedures. It consists of multiple enhanced features for importers and exporters. So connect with us today and get the best solution for your business.

Performance Management

While supply chain performance management can help achieve business goals and objectives, such as increased profits and better information flow, it's important to have the right performance management systems in place. 3SC's solution is the only full-purpose supply chain performance management solution that not only provides expert supply chain software with trusted insights and KPIs but also has unique features not commonly found in other supply chain solutions.

We offer a benchmarking tool that allows a company to contextualize its performance against industry-specific indicators and highlights areas where a supply chain can improve to become more efficient and save costs. The software also offers support from supply chain experts who have decades of experience. In other words, our tool is the easiest and most convenient supply chain software and yield management solution in the market.

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