Solutions to intelligently control your digital supply chain

Analytics as a Service

Predictive Analytics

Be proactive using historical data, statistical algorithms, predictive modeling, and other sophisticated techniques to predict future outcomes It helps in planning for unknown events and discover opportunities in future activities. Get proven, cutting-edge algorithms designed to help you solve your biggest challenges.

Descriptive Analytics

Interpret your most valuable data to better understand changes that have occurred in your business. Communicate insights into summarized and highlighted historical patterns of behaviors and performance to keep tabs on operational performance and monitor trends.

Prescriptive Analytics

Go beyond explanations and predictions to recommend the best course of action moving forward. Analyze your data using algorithmic models and statistics to provide instant recommendations and optimize business practices to drive desired outcomes.


Eliminating the leaks in the supply chain and align it with the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Get a holistic view of supply chain processes, logistics, and technologies to empower and optimize the way supply chain strategies are planned.

Software as a Service

Plan X

Here with Plan X we help in incorporating top-down and bottom-up demand planning philosophies. We provide software that improves visibility, insight and control, which is needed to improve planning efficiency, accuracy, meeting the needs of Replenishment, raw material, and Sales and Operations Planning.


4PL Visilog is an orchestrated platform for all stakeholders in your supply chain where it provides complete visibility of the supply chain, increases your service levels of fulfillment, and decreases logistics and supply chain management costs, whilst harmonizing communication between multiple stakeholders.


3SC has launched its revolutionary sustainable analytics service as ONE STOP SOLUTION TO SUPPORT Net Carbon Zero –Carbonex. Supply Chain is the most responsible factor in carbon emissions, our product enables Screening, Measurement, Reducing, and Monitoring of your carbon emissions. This end-to-end sustainability solution determines the shortest, most optimal, and cost-effective routes for every journey and every mode of transportation.

4PL As a Service

Planning Control Tower

3SC's planning control tower allows a more accurate look into your demand, production, supply, inventory, and distribution planning while enabling you to improve real-time visibility and automate response hence providing you a strategic, tactical, and operational upper hand over your competitors.

Execution Control Tower

After providing an unprecedented supply chain flexibility for dynamic planning, executing such plans becomes a challenge. 3SC execution control tower provides a full audit trail with strong data security, an accurate and reliable order management system to yield high returns, a freight management solution, and a solution to help importers and exporters in managing the related difficulties.


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