3SC SCAI is an intelligent supply chain planning and execution platform that enables enterprises to build a synchronous, sustainable, and resilient supply chain, helping businesses improve efficiency, drive profitability, reduce waste, and operate sustainably. It works by enhancing business KPIs’ & realizing business objectives around minimizing potential loss of sales & excess inventory, keeping sustainability and decarbonization at the center.

Integrated Business Planning

3SC SCAI's Integrated business planning solution leverages advanced data analytics. It combines finance, marketing, sales, and supply chain to address planning issues and opportunities by analyzing historical and real-time data. It focuses on enabling complete Supply and Operations Planning(S&OP) right from the beginning of Product Review, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, and S&OP Review. Its distinctive capabilities include Sales and Operations Planning, Demand Forecasting, Inventory Planning & optimization, Product Planning, Supply Chain Collaboration, and Gamified workflow management. It ensures improved supply chain efficiency, increased business profits, and an enhanced supply chain network.

Risk Management & Digital Twin

3SC SCAI’s Risk Management & Digital Twin enables enterprises to predict future disruptions across Demand, Inventory, Materials & Production functions by early anticipation, identification, and monitoring of interconnected supply network risks. Enterprises can use 3SC Supply Chain Digital Twin to increase visibility throughout their supply chains, spot trends, find room for improvement, eliminate waste, and streamline existing operations. Additionally, 3SC Digital Twins can be crucial in enabling supply chain resilience by assisting firms in acting proactively (rather than simply reacting) when anything goes wrong with wiser, quicker, data-driven decisions.


CarbonX is an intelligent decarbonization platform that helps enterprises to monitor emissions, simulate intervention impact & create a decarbonization roadmap. It is a SaaS offering designed to help companies understand, analyze, and identify the risks and effects of carbon emissions (Impacts on climate change). Its distinctive capabilities include carbon analytics, risk and recommendation, intervention planning, and regulatory compliance. It is coupled with 3SC’s SCAI to reap the maximum benefits for enterprises with improved visibility & targets, automated carbon accounting, reduced carbon footprint, and sustainable decision-making.

Enterprise Data Management

3SC SCAI's Enterprise Data Management platform is a unifying platform that allows to easily access, consolidate, and unify data of many types related to the value chain in a structured way. It is designed to help companies thrive on being competitive and viable in dynamic situations and fosters a data-led culture in driving business strategies. It engages with customers' systems and provides easy and exhaustive ways of data ingestion to the 3SCs system under relevant entities. It gives a structure to the raw data for easier slicing and dicing for data transformation and guides customers to segregate the broad spectrum of data into master and transactional data.

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