30 Jun 2022

The Latest Trends Impacting Warehouse Operations

Warehouse technologies continue to boom and become more and more advanced. It has now become more accessible to manage modern warehouse using advanced technologies.

The Latest Trends Impacting Warehouse Operations

How you manage and store your goods can have a significant impact on your business strategy. A warehouse that provides fast and high-quality service at optimum cost can be a game changer for the entire supply chain, enabling them to strengthen their relationships with suppliers as well as customers. As per the report by IMARC group, Indian warehouse market is expected to reach INR 2,069.6 billion at a CAGR of 11.9%, by 2027.

Traditionally warehouses have been used for storage of goods which can range from any raw material, packing materials, spare parts, components, or finished goods associated with agriculture manufacturing and production, but recent developments in e-commerce followed by COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically changed the face of this industry. New technologies are emerging and being used in warehouse operations to improve their effectiveness and make them as flexible and scalable.

At 3SC, we believe that businesses should pay attention to these warehousing trends to keep their customers happy & run profitable operations. These leading trends will help organizations meet new customer expectations while ensuring growth.


Warehouse Automation:

Automation is growing steadily and becoming more and more practical. As per Research and Markets, the global warehouse automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.24% by 2027. Autonomous vehicles, self-driving forklifts, and collaborative robots can perform repetitive tasks and eliminate manual processes to ensure a more efficient, safe and error-free operation.

Robots are taking wider roles in warehouse operations such as sorting, picking, packaging, transportation intelligence, security etc.

IOT technologies are allowing warehouse managers to connect, track and monitor several activities in the facility, they are also playing significant roles in inventory management.

Adoption of 3PL Solutions:

There is a huge opportunity in third-party logistics as companies are now shifting their focus towards improving and overhauling their entire supply chain after covid to enable faster & cheaper shipping of products to customers.

Modern companies such as 3SC can take up various logistics operations such as Picking, packing, shipping, returning, managing orders, fulfillment along with integrated supply chain service to maximize customer support & optimize their overall supply chain spend. We offer customers with a customized business fit & commercially viable solutions to their dynamic needs.

Use of mobile technology:

Error free & accurate daily operations is what every other organization expects from their supply chain service provider. It is leading them to move towards mobile technologies that can precisely track location of shipments using GPS technology. Real-time asset tracking services using barcode scanning are proving to be a boon for better reporting and flow of information. Smartphones are lighter than bulky scanners and can take up tasks like scanning and feeding data into systems due to which they’re now getting widely accepted into operations.

Sustainable operations:

Sustainable practices are highly focused on reducing carbon emissions in the logistics sector, but even in warehouse operations, practices such as use of LED lights, building cool roofs using sunlight reflecting materials, and solar panels can significantly save costs, reduce wastages, and promote organizations “go green” initiatives at the same time.

Additionally, switching to electrical vehicles and efficient packaging practices will also be a strong step towards sustainability. Today, going green is not just another initiative, but it has become the responsibility of all.

Data driven warehouses:

Data helps warehouse managers to monitor the condition of their assets, detecting repair requirements and technical issues in real time. Better collection, processing, and interpretation of data to determine corrective measures or identify necessary improvements in warehouse operations provide them better insight into their business and keep them ready for eventualities.

Warehouse technologies continue to boom and become more and more advanced. It has now become more accessible to manage modern warehouse using advanced technologies. Stay on top of the trends in warehouse management & automation and to learn more on this, reach our experts today!

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