05 May 2022

How to optimize your supply chain through data integration?

Quality data can be used to gain business insights and data analytics to drive supply chain. The Value of clean

How to optimize your supply chain through data integration?

Quality data can be used to gain business insights and data analytics to drive supply chain. The Value of clean data in supply chain operations is huge. The problem is that data arrives from multiple sources and in various formats. The ability to analyse data from multiple sources is important to success. Data integration solutions can make the best possible use of available information.

Supply chain integration connects all internal stakeholders and trade partners to share information in real-time and work towards a common goal. It can provide powerful insights that help companies serve their customers better. Many modern data integration solutions transform supply chain operations by allowing business users to consolidate customer data and garner insights and paves a new path for smarter supply chain data management by enabling tangible insights.

Why do you need supply chain integration?

We have identified top reasons why implementing supply chain integration solutions is important for improving supply chain operations:

1: Breaking down data silos to get access to relevant data - Data is located on various applications and systems across departments and even companies. You need to ensure that all relevant data is accessible. Data integration can help in storing, accessing, and analysing such data in real time into a unified database and streamline systematic updates to platforms that are tied together.

This is also extremely useful in connecting manufacturers to their suppliers and distributors as it can help in adding that upstream and downstream connectivity.

2: Improvement in efficiency - Employees must do a lot of additional work of re-entering information from one system to another system without data integration technology. Manual work can also lead to a lot of errors and inconsistencies. With data integration solution all devices and applications are integrated automatically, and it can reduce manual work and make business more efficient in terms of speed and accuracy.

3: Maintain data quality - Data integration helps in improving the integrity of data by maintaining a centralised location for all relevant data. It can ensure data accuracy and as well as consistency throughout every connected system. When this is done effectively, you can make business decisions more informed and effective.

As it removes manual checking of all the incoming data, the possibility of errors and inconsistencies is reduced to a minimum.

4: Supply chain visibility, transparency, and Traceability - Data integration results in improving supply chain collaboration by connecting systems and applications and automating business processes. It does not only work internally but also externally within the organization to help users make decisions at the right time. Real-time visibility can help in making proactive decisions to effectively manage your inventory and risk.

How to make your supply chain data integration a game changer:

There are some ways that can help you reap more benefit from your supply chain integration –

1: Be Selective: It is very important for an organization to specify a set of goals and KPIs to accomplish through supply chain integration.

2: Utilize Advanced Analytics: Operational data can be leveraged into improved insights to match productions to real demand levels with the use of advanced analytics.

3: Implement IOT technology: IOT devices can help you gain better data about your factory floor activities, shipping workflows and warehouse operations.

Are you facing data integration challenges in your supply chain and need one stop support?

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