Looking Back on 2021: The Year in Review

Looking Back on 2021: The Year in Review

As we wrapped up 2021, a year defined by many ongoing impacts of the pandemic. If we summarize the year in one word, which is never possible, still there is one phrase that we used so often in 2021: “New Normal”. A new way of life, work and of course supply chain. Vaccines, lockdowns, quarantine, sanitizer, masks were already a part of our lives. However, delta variant in India become a variant of misery and loss for n number of people.

At the same time, the supply chain also hit a perfect storm. Port congestions, disruptions in shipping, supply chain bottlenecks, manufacturing delays, created critical shortages of everything from pet foods, computer chips to oxygen cylinders, putting the supply chain on everyone’s lips. And not in a good way.

No matter how you experience this “New Normal”, the fact is that we all changed permanently by this experience on some level. Such an unprecedented experience led us to extraordinary lessons. While everyone’s situation is significantly different, the pandemic showed us that it is still possible to become resilient in a time of crisis, and that’s what we show through our continuous evolution of services.

3SC responded to the resilience challenge and worked its best to make complex supply chains work for you in this pandemic. We transformed the journey of many, to become “digital first” using technology to empower customer experience and insights-driven decision making.

Our journey in 2021:

Jan 2021: 3SC successfully inaugurated Center of Excellence to celebrate excellent expertise of resources to accomplish and sustain world-class performance and value.

Apr 2021: “Sustainability” a concept, which is vital both now and in the future. 3SC successfully started its journey towards an ambitious yet complex journey of decarbonization of supply chain and logistics network through its product “Carbonex”.

May 2021: 3SC successfully established southern distribution center for one of the top consumer durables companies in the capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad.

June 2021: 3SC offered Digital Demand Consensus Planning as a service to one of the largest MedTech players in India.

July 2021: 3SC raises funding in Series B round led by GEF Capital’s South Asia Fund.

Sept 2021: 3SC successfully onboarded a global leading player competing in the parenting space, which goes well beyond baby-care and offers Consensus Demand Planning.

Oct 2021: 3SC celebrated its foundation day by successfully completing 9 years of journey in the supply chain industry.  

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