Cyber-risks In Supply Chain

Cyber-Risks In Supply Chain

In the light of Industry 4.0, organizations are moving towards digital transformation through supply chain technology investments but are they secure?

Cyber criminals and hackers are always looking for creaks into an organisation’s systems and data. They often come through the ‘weaker links’ in the digital framework of the supply chain.

Organizations that digitally manage their supply chains & keep regular check and systems in place for vulnerable areas to handle issues & ensure security. Below mentioned are some key issues:

The Visibility & Connectivity challenge

With the rising complexity, the supply chains are expected to be capable of being managed & monitored through any part of the world. Implementing ‘internet of things’ solves the current challenge but increases the vulnerability to the digital world.
To minimize this risk, the organizations should consult the technical experts & and get an in-depth understanding of the new services before deployment. ensuring cybersecurity at the initial stage, can avoid costly & serious issues in the future.

Unskilled Staff

Systems an individual with inadequate knowledge can lead the business toward a dreadful cybersecurity incident even with the presence of the most advanced firewalls & security systems in place.
Imparting proper training to the staff on procedures for cyber security, the application to be used & awareness of potential risks of conducting business through the digital platform.

Overestimation of security

Moving forward with the assumption that the network is 100% protected & will never experience a cyber attack is he biggest mistake of all. Even the most secure cyber systems and networks have the possibility of experiencing a cyber-attack.
It is mandatory to always consider the possibility of facing a cyber-attack. Ensuring a back up plan as per the guidelines of the technical advisors to address such attacks is one way to quicky jump back from any disruption.

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