Omni-Channel Supply Chain Services

Omni-channel service integrates online and offline mediums to give a unified brand experience so customers can switch between multiple channels and get the same quality of service every time.

Omni-channel system offers you the chance to serve your clients in an assortment of ways that are convenient and effective which boosts the company’s image and credibility. In fact, according to a Forrester study, interactive chat can result in as much as a 120% ROI in a 6 month payback period in the supply chain. This is a very good example of how uplifting one medium to a level of another can help deliver a holistic supply chain experience to a customer.

Contactless delivery guarantees that there is no contact between employees, delivery partners and customers. The ordinary interaction includes the client perusing the website or app, placing their order, making an online installment, and awaiting delivery. According to the Statista report, A May 2020 survey revealed that 37 percent of people were using contactless delivery more than usual. Buying items online and picking them up in store has also gained popularity, as 29 percent of responding U.S. customers said that they had done so many times than usual.

In the supply chain sector it was seen that On June 30, 2020, The Consumer Brands Association launched a Contactless Delivery Task Force which was made up of 23 consumer packaged goods companies to understand the result of implementing contactless deliveries at scale throughout their supply chains to develop uniform standards.

With an omni-channel supply chain service, the customer presently has ease of communication and can choose the time and method of communication according to their personal choice. After implementation of such a holistic system, will be able to have only one complaint system, shared timings, easily findable solutions, Google-like pursuit efficiency, concentrated information library, and an OTT-interactive UI for the users to be content to visit, resolve, return and other such add-on services.

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