Omni-Channel Services & Contactless Deliveries

Omni-Channel Services & Contactless Deliveries

Omni-channel supply chain services comprises numerous interactions across multiple touch points between a customer, or forthcoming customer, and product or service supplier, in a supply chain. Seamless interactions are expected by each customer, regardless of the various channels of sales or devices they are using. Most organizations can uphold multichannel customer engagement through voice, email and web with various offline touchpoints. The Omni-channel system is there to help multiple channels in a supply chain of an organization while being in synchronization. An absence of integration makes repetitive data, disjointed communication and at last, unhappy customers and even company’s own employees. According to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, best-in-class companies in the supply chain sector deliver consistent messages to customers across all channels and 89% customers dislike repeating their queries. This indicates the importance of a holistic supply chain system to support maximum customer satisfaction.

In a supply chain, Omni-channel service integrates text, social, email, and instant messaging to give a unified brand experience so customers can switch between multiple channels and experience quality of service. Omni-channel system also includes customer support that offers organizations a chance to connect to their clients in an array of ways that are convenient and effective. It also helps in boosting the company’s image and credibility. In one of its research, Accenture’s found out that 89% of customers experience frustration at having to repeat their questions to multiple customer service representatives, this is the value in perfecting omni-channel integration.

It’s impossible to manage an omnichannel supply chain without integrated software that incorporates all aspects of the business. Each aspect of the supply chain is integrated, as well as all functions throughout the organization from marketing, sales, logistics, human resources and others as well are interlinked. The key elements include full visibility, forecasting capabilities, inventory planning and order management. Omni-channel breaks down silos and supports an Interchangeable Customer Experience.

Consumers Demand Omnichannel, Not Multichannel Sales Experiences & Service

Omnichannel supply chains also go further ahead of multichannel sales by focusing on creating supply chains that have strategic value, better sales and encourage repeat purchases among consumers. Therefore, if your supply chain has not yet implemented omnichannel solutions to serve consumers, you are probably losing revenue.

An effective omni-channel supply chain is an agile system which means providing all inventory is very critical at the right time and at the right place for success. For online sales, it means having stock available in locations as close as possible to customers’ delivery addresses to minimize logistic costs. In the context of offline stores, effective demand forecasting systems together with agile distribution systems ensure these stores have adequate stock to maintain balance between the demand and an ability to replenish stock quickly. In both the situations, carrying the excess stock is a costly affair and inefficient. Supply chain agility is needed to synchronize the analytics that help forecasting the future demand with some degree of accuracy and an ability to balance conflicting demands while managing distribution costs.

Contactless Delivery in Omni-Channel Supply Chain, is Unquestionable Requirement in Current Situations

According to the current scenario and no indications of easing back down from COVID -19 pandemic anytime soon, contactless delivery has become a key aspect of omni channel supply chain. It moved from being a fancy eye-catcher term to an unquestionable requirement in omni channel services. Contactless delivery guarantees that there is no contact between employees, delivery partners and customers throughout your supply chain. The ordinary interaction of a contact less delivery includes the client perusing the website or app, placing their order, making an online installment, and awaiting delivery.

Some of the major highlights of implementing contactless delivery as part of your omni channel supply chain are:

Increased Customer Trust

With stores closed and customers keeping away from physical visits to shops, their trust in getting their orders delivered correctly and on time has increased significantly. Supply chain businesses need to exploit this positive shift of attitude to guarantee that they don’t allow this trust to down and lose customers.

Digital Order and Contactless Payments

Digital ordering utilizing contactless payments was at that point commonplace before the infection. Nonetheless, the mass adoption of these payment methods has been due to the pandemic. The less tech-savvy individuals are now coming into the digital payments realm. Any individual who has a cell phone would now be able to arrange web based, opening the market to countless beforehand untapped customers. A recent survey from Shekel reports that 87% of shoppers say they would now prefer to shop in stores with digital order.

Safety and Hygiene

Businesses in the supply chain need to keep the safety and hygiene of the relative multitude of products that they deliver, a main concern. While they may incur additional expenses for sanitization, physical distancing, and wastages, implementing these best practices, over the long haul, is relied upon to become in practice.

In today’s market it is justified to say that great customer experience drives business results and customer loyalty. With 3SC, you have the tools to manage customer ventures across more channels in your supply chain and implement an omni-channel system. With proprietary software you can now know who is contacting you and how to get them immediately to the best possible resolution. What is more, your team can have the data and applications they need directly at their fingertips.
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