Key Enablers

Vehicle Route Optimization

Vehicle route optimization (VRO) creates multi-stop vehicle routes accustoming optimization to design routes for:

  • Inbound Consolidation
  • Outbound Consolidation
  • Periodic Shipment Balancing & Scheduling
  • Fleet Optimization and Mode Selection
  • Multiple depots/supply points
  • Fixed and Variable cost calculation based on transport time.

Inventory Optimization

Inventory optimizer uses advanced statistical formulations and simulation techniques to arrive at the optimal inventory level at a location or in a multi-echelon network.

Features :

  • Location specific optimal inventory levels
  • Optimal inventory levels in a multi-nodal & multi-echelon network
  • Automated calculations for forecasting error
  • Safety stock requirement for demand variability
  • Safety stock requirement for supply lead time variability
  • Inventory level to meet customer SLAs
  • Inventory requirement during replenishment lead time
  • Integrated with demand planning & downstream planning modules