Key Enablers

Technology Enabled Tools

Demand Curve

3SC Demand curve is a Predictive Analytics Tool uniquely designed to explore key drivers of demand, to analyze demand and gain better insight, predict demand patterns into the future, access external time series data to better predict demand and to seamlessly integrate across other SS Supply Chain Solutions products. The algorithms used are optimized for better model selection from time to time. It aims at providing better insight and confidence in decision making with the help of capturing change regularly to ensure a better supply chain demand design

  • Machine Learning Engine enabled by Advanced Algos: - Thoroughly tested Robust Algorithms
  • Completely Data Driven Approach
  • In-Built quality checks for highest level of data hygiene
  • Clustering of SKUs based on their past behaviour
  • Specially designed Models for NPI & Sparse Data
  • Scope for Incorporating Market Input
  • Differential treatment of each category of SKUs


DispatchX is a python based tool to create the most optimized plan while balancing Demand- Supply dynamics arrive at distribution and dispatch plan that optimizes the logistics cost and various service level Constraints.

DispatchX created the most optimal distribution plan lowering logistics service costs, maintaining service levels and dispatch priorities, increased OTIF (on time in full) and decreased Inventory, improved overall fleet capacity and overall asset utilization. optimized product-location mix dispatch decisions to service effective distribution & decreased costs of premium freights, cross depot movements, obsolescence, handling etc

Load Optimizer

3SC Load Optimizer enabled by Best Fit Algorithms is used to determine the optimum package size, arrangement, pallet configuration, and truck placement while providing stacking strength recommendations for homogeneous products based on their dimensions and other shipping requirements. Our optimizer calculates the optimum order in which to pick and load pallets while at the same time considering any restrictions, such as pallet type, palletizing height, and packing weight. We use extensive stacking rules and configurations to optimize loads and minimize damages during transit. Moreover, we provide multiple options for what-if scenarios, adjusting to last-minute order changes and fact-based decision making for complex order picking and loading processes while managing your operational costs.


Saksham which translates to 'capable' in Hindi is our in-house ERP system which provides technological advanced and is a complete solution for all logistics needs. Saksham is one single platform containing different modules in just one single ERP which provides an end to end solution for the users, right from the order management with the suppliers till the material reaches the end customer. It is flexible to configure, quick to implement and low cost to execute which carries the virtues of an interactive dashboard ensuring intuitive visibility. Saksham is integrated with advanced Analytics & Big Data Tools Powered by Analytics

  • Order Management System
  • Transport Management
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Contract Management System
  • Track & Trace
  • Standard Billing
  • Claims Management
  • Performance Measurement & Metrics Reporting
  • POD Management


Our unique Track and Trace application concerns a process of determining the current and past locations of a unique item using LBS tracking mechanism of the cellular network of various operators. This is supported by means of reckoning and reporting the position of vehicles and Containers in a real time database. It uses simple SIM Based tracking enabled by Triangulation Algos which allows us to locate the client's vehicle anytime just by the mobile number of the driver. I-Track can be integrated with any ERP/TMS

  • Real-time tracking
  • Self-improvement algorithm
  • Customizable ping rate
  • Geo-fencing
  • Live system updates like loading and unloading, live incidents and traffic reports
  • 360 degree view of all relevant users
  • Intuitive user-interface and better visibility dashboard

Freight Bill & Audit

Freight Bill & Audit is an Operational Tool used to address the Irregularities in logistics spend and gaps in budgeted vs actual freight Spend, discrepancy in maintaining daily tracker, improper Spend Analysis Reporting, auditing and Invoice clearance/verification. FBA Tool creates value by defining Standard Operating Procedure for all stakeholders, improving Average First Time Pass Ratio, Improving TAT for the processing of invoices, decision making through various business intelligence reports, database building helps in archiving invoices and mistakes, effectively manage suppliers performance and contractual obligations i.e. penalty in case of non-performance of KPI agreed, performance measurement i.e. agreed Transit Time Vs. Actual Transit Time, stimulation & forecast of freight cost for new freight rates, cash flow projections and accounting purpose.