Supply Chain Advisory

3SC advisory team consist of experienced professionals from the Supply Chain domain. We provide inputs and help in coming up with cost-effective methods for sustainable development. We study the existing supply chain to provide the right solution to overcome the challenges being faced. The main focus remains creation of value across the supply chain.

The processes are designed to reduce non- value added activities, wastage, cycle time and improve customer service. Each step of the process is carefully identified, analyzed, measured and evaluated. Our team constantly monitors the process for improvement and reviews performance. Performance measures are used to determine if the supply chain and its individual members are performing well enough to compete.



Supply Chain Execution

Supply Chain Execution deals with the movement, storage, and distribution of goods through the entire supply chain. Globalization of manufacturing and outsourcing strategy has given tremendous advantage to organizations to focus on their core competency. However, it has introduced new challenges in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to supply chain events.

3SC Execution solutions have gained a wide acceptance across its client base. The extensive promotion of using RFID, Barcode, GPS, and mobile applications has enabled us in getting a paradigm change in what flows from where and who is responsible. We have not yet stopped at this. We are still donning our thinking caps and working with markets experts and research leaders to come up with more innovative ideas.
We have partnered with many leading logistics IT solutions providers for 3PLs, fleet owners, and distributors to develop, maintain, and test their ideas to build the best supply chain without any leaks.