Supply Chain Execution deals with the movement, storage, and distribution of goods through the entire supply chain. Globalization of manufacturing and outsourcing strategy has given tremendous advantage to organizations to focus on their core competency. However, it has introduced new challenges in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to supply chain events. 3SC Execution solutions have gained a wide acceptance across its client base. The extensive promotion of using RFID, Barcode, GPS, and mobile applications has enabled us in getting a paradigm change in what flows from where and who is responsible. We have not yet stopped at this. We have partnered with many leading logistics IT solutions providers for 3PLs, fleet owners, and distributors to develop, maintain, and test their ideas to build the best supply chain.

Supplier & Inventory Management

3SC interfaces inside and outer information sources to cultivate joint effort with providers and give up-to-the moment perceivability over your broadened supply chain. Provider Risk Profiles and Ranking distinguish where your chain may be helpless so you can design choices. Inventory faces pressure from all sides, particularly in an omni-channel marketplace. Reduce inventory too much and customer service might suffer. Inventory control is often tied directly to ERP to the exclusion of other activities, creating a silo where inventory planners don't have proper access to vital data which affects all parts of the supply chain. 3SC’s platform supported by an advanced data warehouse seamlessly incorporates ERP data with qualitative information to balance inventory with supply. Integrates supply side partners in a collaborative process through:

  • Supplier Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Line-feeding/ Packaging
  • Inventory Management
  • Network Design
  • PO Management
  • Warehouse Management

Distribution Network Management

Having Complex network in conflict with supply chain objectives? Lack of standard processes and global systems? High execution cost to manage multiple LSPs?
We at 3SC:
 Strategically optimize the network configuration
 Reduce Total Cost of Service
 Standardized billing, cost control and central performance management

    We manage our networks for deliveries into efficient sales channels under
  • Distribution Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transport Management
  • Control Tower
  • Last Mile Delivery

After Market Management

Emerging out of consecutive worldwide subsidence’s, in the midst of unstable markets and developing rivalry, producers and retailers require spry procedures for parts administration, benefit operations, benefit contract administration, and introduced base administration—to put it plainly, a general astute way to deal with Aftermarket Services (AMS). 3SC offers an extraordinary model for aftermarket services that spotlights on expanding administration income and decreasing administration expenses to make AMS a benefit focus. Our administration conveyance display brings together and institutionalizes procedures to empower more powerful neighborhood execution. We empower prevalent field benefit administration and in addition end-to-end bolster for contact focus forms, benefit contract administration, guarantee administration, parts, and introduced base administration. Manages time critical deliveries, pulls inventories reverse.

  • Spare Parts Logistics
  • Reverse Logistics