3SC provides the technology and the solutions to enable and accelerate the flow of information and products across the Supply Chain. We simplify the Supply Chain Management of the most complex networks by customizing our products and solutions to our client’s needs. Each client requires a differentiated approach to improve their supply chain. We at 3SC bring in analytical insights to provide value through technology in supply chain.

Saksham is designed to operate and support huge number of transactions with high speed making it robust in nature to operate across the supply chain. It integrates effortlessly virtually into any environment . It has a strong set of interfaces that allows connectivity with other ERP applications, Shipping, manifesting and accounting systems. It is an extremely powerful cloud based Software as a Service and can seamlessly be implemented in the shortest time through our expert personnel.

The services available under Control Tower are:

  • Transport Planning
  • Procurement and Contract Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Track and Trace
  • Performance Measurement and Metrics Reporting
  • Claims Management (POD Collect and Closures)
  • Freight Bill Audit (FBA Tool)