Deliverables: 3SC sees itself as an independent 4PL brain force and neutral 4PL general contractor for supply chain or logistics matters. The corporate profile is designed to handle and solve complex tasks. 3SC:

  • Is not tied to conventional lines of transportation or to its own assets (vehicle fleet, warehouses, commissioning or transshipment sheds) and unfettered by their fixed costs
  • Is totally free of any constraints, arrangements or old boy networks in its decision-making processes in favour of the client
  • Analyzes, schedules, plans, forms, integrates, controls, accompanies and monitors the customer’s internal and external logistics activities – without interference from transportation and shipping groups which may pursue their own interests.
  • Jumps into action when it comes to solving substantial tasks for the client, finding new ways, developing new processes for supply chain or logistics, cutting back unnecessary interfaces and putting through cost cutting programs for cross-corporate logistics activities