Control Tower

3SC Control Tower enabled by Advanced Analytics

3SC supply chain control tower is a central hub with the required technology, organization, and processes to capture and use supply chain data to provide enhanced visibility for short- and long-term decision-making that is aligned with strategic objectives. 3SC Control Tower provides expertise for planning, execution & optimization of product movements.

  • Control Tower Functions:- LSP Procurement, LSP Management, Order Management, Transport Planning, Visibility & Event Monitoring, Business Management, Continuous Improvement, KPI & Business Analytics, Customer Service & Freight Bill & Audit
  • Multi-tier planning model capable of balancing capacity & supply chain together
  • Ability to peg demand to sub-tier supply & protect customer order allocations
  • Visibility into contract manufacturing inventory, shipments, master data, & compliance information
  • Fulfilment exception alerts to pinpoint projected shortages & orchestrate recovery actions
  • Inventory level reductions with increased visibility into suppliers, 3PLs & customers
  • Real-time visibility across supply chain improve responsiveness & prioritization