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CountIt Apps

CountIt Apps

Countit is a platform independent stocktaking solution, designed to execute a paperless industry through cloud-based application combined with mobile devices. Inventory is counted through a smart device synchronised with a cloud application, which can be integrated with any ERP/WMS. The key features of the App are Multi Warehouse Count, Blind VS Open Counts, Allocation of Alternate SKUs to locations, Asset/Attribute Tracking, Independent Audit Count, Workforce Management, Deviation Analysis.

  • Stock detail accuracy can be maintained even when there is irregularity in arrival of shipments
  • Increased visibility of inventory
  • Helps streamlining the process
  • Reduces time consumed
  • Helps keep track of inefficiencies

Upland Ultriva

Ultriva’s Lean Suite of solutions is a single source for supply-chain communication, providing a basis for multi-enterprise, multi-tier, end-to-end supply chain collaboration

  • Gain visibility of oscillating supply chain
  • Increase productivity across material replenishment processes
  • Reduce inventory at buffer locations
  • Deliver high service levels to customers by carrying the right mix of inventory

Ultriva’s Lean Suite allows you to collaborate with suppliers, sister plants, component manufacturers, distributors, and customers, all in near real-time. Using Ultriva, one can establish individual replenishment loops and manage the end-to-end pull replenishment across their value chain.

Eye freight

Eye freight

Eye Freight provides a command center for shippers, reducing net landed cost of goods while improving business margins. An accessible, Level 5 TMS SaaS solution, Eye Freight deploys rapidly and integrates with existing transportation workflows.

The Eye Freight Level 5 Transportation Management System puts the shipper in the driver’s seat for all logistics functions. Shippers partners with Eye Freight to achieve greater efficiency, visibility and control over their transportation flows. Our innovative, SaaS application supports large multi-national shippers by enhancing and coordinating the entire transportation management process.

Our platform unites local logistics processes and data with global corporate vision to optimize the entire supply chain function. Easy to configure and designed to scale, Eye Freight is a long- term technology solution to drive real business value through your logistics operations.


Arviem’s supply chain visibility solutions support their users in the efficient management of strategic, operative and financial supply chains via enabling real-time data-driven decision making. It eliminates milestone-based supply chain visibility solutions and provides a constant data stream on the location and condition of cargo in-transit. The installed automated locating and sensing technology on multimodal containers and cargo addresses the need of decision makers for end-to-end, timely, quality data. The basis of the service is the accumulated trustworthy, carrier independent data about cargo worldwide. Also offers a wide array of services that are transforming supply chains by combining the latest sensor technology, big data, and clever data analytics methodology.



SensorTransport Provides real time cargo monitoring enabled by advanced IoT and Mobile App technologies

  • Controlled Delivery: Configure the Mobile App for Proof of Delivery signature, pictures of cargo at delivery, pictures of documents, capturing status events and communication throughout the end2end supply chain. This applies for all movements – outbound & inbound – in the supply chain
  • Sensor Data Gateway: Automatic upload from Sensors affixed to the product to ensure product quality at delivery. In addition to track & trace we deliver an additional feature to monitor the condition of the cargo; based on the cargo needs (temperature, humidity, shock/motion)
  • Cloud Administration: Utilize the Cloud based Command Console to set the requirements of each pickup and delivery and configure alerts. The cloud platform is the single point platform to track cargo, receive and review alerts, KPI’s & reporting to enable timely and effective decision making
  • Enterprise Integration: Data collected by the App and the Sensor is updated to your existing operational system